Mount Eerie!


The lovely Phil Elverum will be gracing a stage in Burlington come October 11th. He’ll be fresh off an Australian run and enroute to Pop Montreal to start a tour with Calm Down, It’s Monday and a day later with Julie Doiron. Fred Squire of Calm Down, It’s Monday & Julie Doiron of Erics Trip just collaborated with Phil for a new album called Lost Wisdom.

Beautiful piece of work.


10 songs recorded quickly and quietly during a surprise visit by Julie Doiron, keeper of the world’s greatest and saddest voice, and Fred Squire, hidden guitarist of the floating riff, in a small wooden room in Anacortes, Washington before they returned home to eastern Canada. Songs with the expression of the face of a baby in a burning world, in the swirling dust. They hang on a theme of impermanence and destroying forces. The river is revealed to be going right through the house, the river of inevitable chaos, sorrow and love.- P.W. Elverum & Sun. ltd

Check out this quick but beautiful litte ditty from the new release.

You Swan Go On




more information ( location, times, pricing, support) should be available shortly but stay tuned to Tick Tick for updates etc.


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