Time Of Rivers Festival 2008


It’s been a damn long time since the last post but I finally have a day off. 

Oddly enough. 

It was exactly 1 year ago today that I wrote about the Time Of Rivers Festival 2007.


I was simply checking to see if Time Lag had sold out of their new red vinyl edition of Phantom Buffalos latest when I saw the lineup had been announced.

It’s a pretty impressive line up. 

heres the full list as of now. 


rivers of & time-lag records present
october 10th, 11th, 12th 2008
portland, maine, usa @ SPACE GALLERY
$35.00 weekend pass / $15.00 per night
secondary shows scheduled for saturday & sunday afternoon @ DOORYARD
details / tickets: ejasongibbs@gmail.com or sinewave23@aol.com



Depending on some scheduling/ show conflicts with my own schedule I might not be able to hit any of the dates unfortunately. A little too soon to rule it out I suppose. If I can finagle it somehow I definitely will. Really want to see Fire on Fire regardless. 


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