The Secret Show of June

Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. 

It’s going to be an evening to remember it seems. 
June 24th, 2008

Secret Show

at an undisclosed location as of now

(I’ll update accordingly)

White Hinterland

Casey and Co.  (previously billed as Casey Dienel & The Flapjacks) have rolled thru Vermont in the past. Once at the Skinny Pancake with Laura Gibson and Visitations, and at the Stannard Church w. Horse Feathers and The Capstan Shafts (his debut performance) this past fall.

Spent the last year touring with Bon Iver, Taken By Trees and

upcoming gigs w. Evangelicals, Frog Eyes, Herman Dune, Deertick and others. 

Super excited. She came to chill a bit around the time of the Scout Niblett show.

So nice. 

You can listen to a few of her tracks from her 6.18.06 Daytrotter Session here. 

Or heres a track of her newest disc

White Hinterland- Vessels


The Capstan Shafts

We didn’t have a chance to catch Dean Wells aka The Capstan Shafts when he recently played at Middblebury’s Spring Fest at the beginning of May w. Menomena and The Ruby Suns. We did catch him at his debut at the Stannard Church which was a highlight of 2007. For anyone at all interested, definitely try to make it out as he doesn’t play often.

Let alone here in town. This being his first time thru?

The Capstan Shafts- Sleepcure Theory Advancer

The Capstan Shafts- 61 Sideburns


Colin Clary!

Colin Clary writes so many good songs that it’s getting a bit hard to keep track of. Sometimes he is known as “The Charming Smitten” or “The Talking Smitten.” James Kochalka draws him with only one eye. He has naturally rosy cheeks and the softest hands in Burlington, Vermont.

– Asaurus Records

I guess I can’t really say I know anyone who doesn’t know who Colin is or the bands he plays in. 

Colin Clary- The Mixtape On My Mind

Colin Clary- Blowin Off The Sun


Forrest Mulerath 

I had never heard of Fofrest til Dale brought him up. He ended up being the local support this past weekend opening for Wye Oak and Pontiak. A fucking fine show all around. Forrest started out the night with a seated acoustic mis-strums and stories, Pontiak brought the sludge of rock ( keep an eye out come Sept. for a return), and Wye Oak ( UK tour with Dr. Dog!) finished it out with some straight pop-indie- ROCK!

Seven Days had a few nice things to say about his

Screaming Homemade Payers In A Mandman’s House

“Individually, each piece of this puzzle is flawed. Guitar and banjo parts rarely sync up. The string and horn lines ae frequently out of key, as are the songwriters vocals. It shouldn’t work. But it does. Mulerath and his cohorts divine idiosyncratic beauty from imperfection.” – Dan Bolles 7 Days

Forrest Mulerath- Suii

Forrest Mulerath- The Super Jesus Shunshine Songs


It’s going to be fun.

It’s going to be some nice people hanging out with other nice folk. 

Be a nice person and come hang out. 




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