Ramona Cordova & Francois Virot w. Crinkles

The run of June 23 thru June 25th, merely 3 days, is going to be an epic run of shows.

I’m  We’re going to be kinda spoiled.

Julia and I will be starting out the epicness with a night in Montreal checking out Leonard Cohen.

Upon our return, Tues. June 23rd holds Jose Gonzalez at Higher Ground

as well as a

!! secret !!

show at an undisclosed location

w. White Hinterland/ Capstan Shafts and a few other local folk. 

(another post on that coming shortly for sure w. a few more tidbits of information ). 



the 25th gives us the pleasure of welcoming 

Ramona Cordova back to Burlington

accompanied by Francois Virot touring out of France,  with newly local outfit Crinkles

At the Bakery


$5-$10 donation at the door.  

I have yet to see any of these acts perform and am looking forward to sitting down and taking it all in. 

The Crinkles are apparently new to Burlington? Maybe/ Maybe not?

After seeing that they got added to this show I happily downloaded their new electronic, self released ep and you should do the same! Mellow, flowing, relaxed songs that float from beginning to end. 

Highly recommended! Snag it here

With the overwhelming flood of auditory options now available, any delusional hack with a six string and a computer can unleash his or her latest bedroom recording on our unprepared ears.Sifting through the detritus can be an intimidating and frustrating task, which makes finding that proverbial “diamond in the rough” — such as the self-titled debut EP from Burlington-based quartet Crinkles — all the more satisfying. – Dan Bolles – 5.28.08 7 Days  (continue reading the review)

& heres a track of the said EP. The last lovely track

Red Raspberry/ Sugar On Snow

Keeping it short and sweet, heres some visuals for both Ramona and Francois. 

If you like what you hear/ see. Come hang. 

Ramona Cordova

Ramona Cordova went to an abandoned railway under the bar La Flèche d’Or in Paris.

He played for us with his friend David Fenech. It was magical.


Francois Virot

both videos and many fine fine others available via youtube via La Blogoteque




  1. J
    Posted June 24, 2008 at 4:05 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Sadly, Ramona Cordova’s truck broke down and the tour apparently ended before he and Francois had the chance to make it to the East Coast (unless something changed). The word from Francois was that he was counting on a few shows in NYC but that all other dates were canceled.

    I had the misfortune of seeing Ramona and Francois on their “last” official date in Chicago. They were both drunk and under the weather. Francois stumbled through 5 1/2 songs but at least was in high spirits. Ramon, however, was drunk and feeling very sorry for himself and his broken down truck. Instead of playing a set, he regalled us with a long-winded recap of their tour, stressing how much fun he’d had playing out West between complaints about how he didn’t want to play music for us.

    Poor Ramon just wanted to smoke cigarettes and drink wine. His songs, for the most part, were beautiful, but his attitude was miserable, and his ruminations as to whether he even wanted to continue performing soured the entire evening. Ramon came off as a self-absorbed primadonna, chiding the meager audience for not greeting his whining with more attention. He even singled out the sound-board operator for nodding off during one of his lengthy rants.

    I’ve waited a long time to see Francois Virot here in Chicago – last year his tour was cut short and he never made it. When I saw he was playing with Ramona Cordova, I was doubly excited because I enjoyed Ramon’s recordings also. However, it was clear that whether or not Ramon’s truck broke down, the two ought to have cut the tour short before arriving in Chicago. Both had a terrible cough and could barely get through a song – the heavy cost of excessive partying on their earlier dates.

    Certainly no one expects any musician to be at the top of his game every night, and of course shit happens. Tour vans break down, people get sick. It was Ramon’s complete lack of professionalism and his lack of respect for the audience that was so utterly disappointing. The confluence of factors – a broken-down truck, being sick, and tired, and drunk, and not having a great turnout for the Chicago show – all couldn’t offset the fact that those of us who were there (besides the other bands on the bill and their entourage) paid money and were excited to see these musicians. Ramon’s disregard for us and his complete self-absorption were very disappointing.

    I felt very envious of the folks who had an opportunity to see Francois and Ramon before they ran out of steam. And you shouldn’t feel too bad if they don’t make it to Burlington. From the sound of things, it seems like the best part of the tour was pretty much over anyway.

  2. Posted August 26, 2008 at 5:16 pm | Permalink | Reply

    sorry for this gig. i made my best. having this gig was kinda tight though, we were so tired, not from partying, but from the brake down in the middle of nowhere, we just make it in time for chicago. and last year i didnt make it cause of a girl, i think it’s fair, ha ha ha, even if she let me down few days after. life, ha!

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