The Berg Sans Nipple 6.01.08 @ The Monkey House

The Berg Sans Nipple - Team Love

We are all very excited to have these guys rolling thru town this Sunday the 1st of June. Taking a day off in between their gigs with M83 in Montreal and Burlington, these guys will be playing a lovely set at the Monkey House’s mini stage along with Missy Bly. 

In an attempt to get all those folks out of their homes and into the Monkey House, I’m posting these mp3s for download for those unaware of the sounds/ beats of the Berg Nip.

-The Berg Sans Nipple-

March 25, 2007- Higher Ground Showcase Lounge

In support of Do Make Say Think

Track 1 Higher Ground 

Track 2 Higher Ground

Track 3 Higher Ground

Track 4 Higher Ground ( great track)

Track 5 Higher Ground

Track 6 Higher Ground

Track 7 Higher Ground

See you there. 




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