Pretend You’re Happy

A good fellow named Alex Steed, who started this site and Angioplasty back in
PORTLAND, MAINE sent me a link for this band today. They are out of VT and I’m feeling their stuff today.
They are going to be at Radio Bean on  April 19th. Probably going to try to get work off to check it out.
For some reason, the singer reminds me a bit of Dean Wells of The Capstan Shafts at times (maybe only once, and i can’t seem to shake the memory). Other times, not so much or not at all. But during those times they remind me of a handful of other things I can’t place but really enjoy. Gonna keep listening to their songs for a bit. 
I suggest yall do the same and let me know what you think.
Take note: Pretend You’re Happy, as a CD, has violin players. As a live act, there are none. This has to be remedied. 

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