Apes, Company, Lendway & Nosebleed Island! 2.17.08

 UPDATE!!!Wow. Holy Shit. Was not prepared for the greatness of APES! I don’t dance. I don’t try to dance. But I danced. Apes just flat out killed. I have to sleep.    I’m psyched cause more folks off of the Panache roster are rolling thru town to catch folks off guard with their ridiculous bursts of energy and percussive assaults.Yip Yip, Clipd Beaks, Aids Wolf and Health especially have all given us nothing but great live material this past year and a half or so. Things get rolling fresh in 08 over at The Monkey this evening with Apes (panache, DC)Company (Brah Records/Jagjaguwar, Brooklyn)Lendway (burlington, VT)& freshly addedNosebleed Island (VT/ New Jersey?)

The Apes

ApesVillage Voice has dubbed them “one of the top indie acts in the country to see live.”Locally Dan Bolles over at 7Days gave a damn fine review of their newest album Ghost GamesNo GUITARS ! ? !You can check it here.Well worth the read.


CompanyCompany is a songwriting collective and rock band rooted in folk, punk, country, and psychedelic traditions. Brought together by a shared commitment to writing songs that don’t “pussyfoot around”.For a taste beyond their myspace page be sure to tune in to your other Local Alternative Radio Station, WRUV 90.1 At 6pm this afternoon they’ll be appearing on The Happy House with Kimberly: Southwest Americana. Tune in on your local dial or stream it via the web here.

I’ve really been enjoying these guys.I first heard of them from the folks over at False45th.They sent me an email with two tracks from Cush keysman & Lendways frontman Michael Clifford. This one track called Boreguard just kills me. Really great tune. Ive been playing it on my radio show to much delight. The vocals and tunes remind me alot of this band I adore called Phantom Buffalo but with a less poppy feel to it all I suppose. You can currently hear a few tracks from their WRUV Exposure slot on their site. Looks as though they are currently recording for an upcoming album.

Nosebleed Island

Best live show period. Ive only seen them twice. Once there was video footage of a Robot getting hit by a car then a naked gentleman joining them on stage to play but getting kicked out of the venue instead. Another time I saw a major fall, then watched him jump out the front window of the Monkey, ending the set. Just really worth experiencing. With catchy as fuck beats and pure sing alongs. So much fun. You can stream their albums at Bunny Huang Records.Everyone should get there early!!!I believe Nosebleed Island will be hitting right about 8PM. Bye.


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    You don’t happen to still have Lendway’s track “Boreguard” do you?

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