Saturday Jan. 26th 2008- A Must See

Been trying to find the time to write a bit about the 26th that’s approaching pretty fast. Been lazy as fuck I suppose. I guess there’s no better time than now, sitting at my bosses desk while the comedy is roaring in the background, sipping on a vodka and something concoction, listening to The Felice Brothers. As I wrote here a few days back, Friday the 25th will bring us a handful of solid acts from such spots as Boston, Brooklyn, Portland & Good old B town. It’s looking as though the 26th promises to treat us to just as many fine acts, more so from the local end of things though. For the 2nd night in a row we’re going to need to hit the Bean for an early show.

Paddy Reagan, Soulvations Armyist, Booker of Fine acts at the Monkey, Rocker with the Cannon Fodder crew, and newly resurrected solo artist, will be celebrating a 2008 Birthday with many a folk starting if off at the Bean. Paddy will be playing a some solo cuts off of his newly recorded, soon to be released solo EP. I had the lovely opportunity to head up to Enosburgh with Paddy this past Sunday as he put the finishing touches on the EP. The EP was recorded at the Cave of Legends by Farm multi instrumentalist Ben Maddox.

Paddy @ The Cave of Legends

Paddys invited a few folks along for the festivities that will be performing before his set. Nuda Veritas along with Steph Clarke & Maryse Smith will be performing before Paddy.
I think the times for this have yet to be officially determined but I’m guessing its going to be going down pre 9pm. Im guessing that cause there’s a legitimate Birthday Celebration happening down at the Monkey as well.

Some rocking rocking bands will be sharing the stage for this evening.

Farm, Drive the Hour & Slingshot Dakota.

I always end up missing Farm’s set cause they tend to be the first folks playing. I think I’ve missed the last 4 times they played somehow. Going to try to break the streak.

Hope folks can come out and share in the celebratory fun.

Stay warm.


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    I know the felice brothers! I used to hang with their sister claire.

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