Sleeping over to catch Neil Young


This photo is of a Boston band called Township. Can’t say I know a whole hell of a lot about them other than they’re lucky enough to have former Conspiracy Theory drummer Greg Beadle on the skins. I happened to catch a bit of their show while working a few months back when they opened for the recently resurrected Blind Melon. Township put on a hell of a show, energetic as fuck classic rock tunes.

They’ve been discussed quite a bit at work as of late since they are looking to come back up this way in January. Today I received an email from my boss with a little snippet of info regarding the band.

According to the Boston Globe, members of the band Township had performed at the Boston Music Awards held on Dec. 1st at the theatre. After the show was over, the band equipped with sleeping bags, snacks and whiskey, tucked themselves away underneath the stage, only to emerge the next night just in time to see the sold-out Neil Young gig.

you can read the full piece here.

Nothing better than going above and beyond and having it all work out.


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    Awesome i thought greg retired from music. good to hear that is false tidings…

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