Clipd Beaks. Metronome. Tues. November 20th. (tonight)

Clipd Beaks
Clipd Beaks

its 4:30am, pounding headache, eyes hurt, can’t sleep.
Went to bed once, didn’t work, got up and cut my hair.

Still can’t sleep.

So, i threw on the Clipd Beaks latest disc, Hoarse Lords.
These guys will be appearing at Metronome tomorrow evening, joined with local favorites Cccome? and Yes & No Stories.

Another slight sleeper of a show that I hope some folks turn out for.
Probably can’t help that folks are leaving for the Holiday break, and folks heading back home to Burlington aren’t back yet.

Regardless. if you are in Burlington tomorrow. It’d be worth it.

Clipd Beaks are a four piece out of California, all originally from Minnesota who are hitting the road hard to hype/ hit us with their latest.

Self described as a Progressive/ Psychedelic/ Thrash band.
” We just kind of take it and make it more fucked up and that’s what comes out.”guitarist/synthesizer dude Greg Pritchard

Just to get it out of the way, in case no one reads any further.
The CB music is similar in the energy/ percussive nature of their fellow CA Smell Buddies/ label mates, Health, who played at the Monkey a few weeks back. The folks that made it out to that show would probably be 100% into this show. Those that were pissed that they missed Health, I hope we see you tomorrow.

As for their music.
It is a loud, messy, racous affair.
Can only imagine their live sets to be an explosion of men thrashing about the stage/ or floor.

Driving, pulsing bass guitar from start to finish.
Even more than the initial post punk/harder repetitive bass lines is the non stop, almost tribal drumming.
It hits you hard, and carries you from the get go.

Flashing from experimental noise rock, to distorted guitar feedback with screeching and yelping.

Envision simply sitting in front of a band, in a basement maybe.
They procede to beat the shit out of every pipe/water heater/ furnace object that will give a sound, while the singer walks out the back hallway and out into the back yard. Vocals floating in and out, loud and soft all while pulling a swirly/accordian-like plastic straw from a oversized coke cup, and swirling it around til it whistles and howls. Layers upon layers of sound mixed with shrieks of guitar and distorted almost danceable bass.

Decipherable at times, then it moves to as if they were blowing their nose against the mic with a skipping record player in the distance.
Other times the distortion kicks out and watery vocal effects and heavy stop and go beats drop into place with a synth line/ computerized beat hovering in the back.

guttery, dirty psychedelic, goodness with enough punch to knock you around the room from the drums alone.
enough to essentially clear up a head cold. or so it seems as the sun comes up.

Clipd Beaks

$8 cash at the door

y/n stories
clipd beaks

doors open at 9pm & tunes kick off around 9:30.
For additional information with official bios for each band, head here.


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