Damnit. A Little Too Late. Witch, OM, Jack Rose & Grails tonight in Brattleboro


Would have been a fine show to have been able to make it out to.
Stumbled across the date looking at the tour schedule for Om.
Saw, Brattleboro and was like what?

Then saw they were rockin it with Jack Rose and local Brattleborians WITCH.
ah well.

In my head I totally thought it was tomorrow and was like, ah shit, I have to work anyways for the Drop Kick show.
Just met up with Julia on her break from work and she reminded me of it, and set me straight.
She had talked to JB of The Leduo & Solah and found out this fun little tid bit.

it’s tonight.

And I’m totally off from work, and could have gone.

If your catching this post, and are a little bit closer to Brattleboro, Id totally recommend going.
It’d be so worth it.


November, 17 2007 at The Loft
74 Cotton Mill Hill,
Brattleboro, Vermont

with…OM, Grails & Jack Rose




Jack Rose



  1. Posted November 17, 2007 at 11:30 pm | Permalink | Reply

    ah balls! jay and i heard this this morning from chris from oak, way too late to get off work and drive all that way…but they may have gone…dont know- anyway, dont know any of these bands except witch- and they rock. think i saw jack rose one time greg had him play here…someday i’ll see a cool show again!


  2. Derek
    Posted April 18, 2008 at 6:56 pm | Permalink | Reply

    IT WAS GREAAAATTTTTTTTTT. Witch needs to turn it down about 100 notches.

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