Loch Lomond (portland, or) @ The Monkey Nov. 12th

In between playing the Knitting Factory with The Wowz and The Middle East upstairs with Dave Derby (ex Dambuilders) & Sean Eden (ex Luna), Loch Lomond will take some time to share their chamber folks pieces to us Vermont folk at the Monkey House.

Loch Lomond
Loch Lomond is the project of Portland, OR musician Ritchie Young. Ritchie has taken his once solo bedroom produced pieces and flushed them out fully with the help of Portland musicians including members of Horse Feathers, Norfolk & Western and Dolorean.

The crew is currently on tour to promote their latest release titled Paper The Walls. Depending on the availabity of its players, the vast array of instruments included to create such a lush and orchrestral sound include guitar, drums, clarinet, piano, celeste, viola & cello.

The vocals on the tracks I’ve listened to remind me a tad of some Sufjan Stevens tracks. Especially the track Field Report you can stream thru their myspace page.

The music definitely reminds me of seeing Horse Feathers a month or so back once the cello and strings come into the mix .

I’d recommend anyone who caught HF, Brown Bird, Casey Dienel & Co, Johanna Kunin, or Laura Gibson in the last few months to give this show a shot.

snagged from their bio/ info page:

Long a popular fixture of the Portland music landscape, Loch Lomond finally has an album that matches the lush intensity of their live performances. There is no studio trickery here. This music is reproduced faithfully on stage, with six to nine player performances, that truly make Loch Lomond a hard act to follow. There are no half measures with Loch Lomond. This is a band, long respected, that is gathering force to bring their gorgeous tidal waves of sound to a much wider audience.
On top of Loch Lomond, the night will be rounded out

with Jess Clemons(VT), Don Brownrigg (newfoundland), and Steph Clark.

See you at the

Monkey House

30 main st.

winooski, vt


$6 for those of the drinking age

$9 for those under 21.

*Also. If you are under and want to come. Please do so by 11pm.

Loch Lomond – “Field Report” unreleased courtesy of Hush Records

Loch Lomond – “Bird and a Bear ” from Lament For Children courtesy of Hush Records


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