Cass McCombs, Ariel Pink with Nosebleed Island @ HG Wed. Nov. 7th

This should be a fantastic show.
I feel as though noone is going to make it out for it though.

heres some info ganked from the Higher Ground website.

Cass McCombs What Isn’t Nature track in a skate flick.

Cass McCombs is an American musician whose styles range from the anxious dronals of the Velvet Underground to lonesome hollowed out basement folk with many turns in between. On his most recent effort there is a prevalance of 1980s influence a la Morrissey. His lyrical style is vivid and weary, but will often drift into the high-spirited and whimsical.

Ariel Pink Interview

Ariel Pink is an avant-garde/hauntology musician who is based in Los Angeles. Pink has been recording his music on tape since 1996 but it wasn’t until after he passed a CD-R to the New York-based band Animal Collective that his commercial musical career took off. Pink produces and plays almost all of his own music, and is noted for creating drum sounds using primarily his mouth. His home recording technique gives his music a very lo-fi sound, to the point where new listeners may mistake the era of his music.

Nosebleed Islands Dracula Says

mr. island was born 8/12/1981 in cuba. then suddenly, twenty four years later, on a sunny august day in new jersey mr. island met Dracula at a garage sale. the two spent the night drinking wine, listening to soul records and conspiring against systems of capatalism. the next day they built a robot, moved to pittsburg P.A., and started recording “silly sad cicuit’s dead baby in a jar,” their first album together. at the completion of the album dracula left the band to become an alchemist. after Dracula’s departure mr. island and robot set to work on writing and recording songs documenting the formation of the band. during this time mr. island started looking for other (non-robotic) friends to join the band, finally inducting Miss Marbles and 11 year old Zbear. one night while the gang was finishing up the second album, “MORE TALES from the Blood island” Dracula showed up with lots of beer everyone got drunk (except Zbear cause he’s only 11). During a video shoot robot was hit by a car; destroying his cardboard body. Three days later mr. island found a real robot in the trash. a brain transplant was performed and that’s that. Oh yeah and mr. island married a slice of pizza and changed his name to joey pizza slice. end.

You can listen to both Silly Sad Circuits DEAD BABY in a Jar & More Tales From The Blood Island at Bunny Huang Records

Sevendays liked the new album as well.


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