Mike Tamburo, Horseback & a Snake in the Garden

upcoming fun, loud, beautiful experimental/ psychedelic/ electroacoustic happiness coming out of kriya Sunday Nov. 4th at 7pm for a mere $7.

Mike Tamburo

Mike Tamburo
Pittsburgh guitarist Mike Tamburo spends most of his time playing solo or in small groups, weaving his Fahey-inspired improvisations in and out of meditative drones. – MARC MASTERS



upon hearing about this show i listened to the two tracks from the Horseback myspace page for the remaining 3 hours of my shift.
really relaxing and beautiful.

Snake In The Garden

had the opportunity to see A Snake In The Garden at the Oak CD release party at the Monkey House. It was damn loud. But thoroughly enjoyable. I made my way down from my apartment upstairs and saw about a handful of folks standing on the street looking in and listening. By the time I made it to the window, about another dozen or so folks had come outside to watch cause it was so loud.

stay tuned to the Greg Davis site, Autumn Records for other upcoming events coming to in and around Burlington, VT.


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