So so Many Good Shows Sprouting Up

on top of all the goodness we have coming this week.
(Man Man + Yip Yip + Yes and No Stories, Johanna Kunin, The Capstan Shafts, Horse Feathers, Dr. Dog + Apollo Sunshine + The High Strung)

2 more must sees nearing us are:

Sunday, October 14:
Paleo (nomadically touring)
Nuda Veritas (Burlington)
Marie Claire (Burlington)
@ The Skinny Pancake (Lake & College St)
8 pm, by donation

I stumbled across the music of Paleo while trying to google to find out a schedule of music down at the Skinny Pancake.
Caught a show there once and was curious as to what they were having this fall, if anything.
I kept seeing the name Paleo in different myspace touring posts thru google, so scoped it out.

Paleos mission has been composing and recording a song each and everyday for the last year plus!. Upon reading this, it jogged my memory a bit, and reminded me of something I had read by Casey Rea back when he was with Sevendays. I vaguely remembered it having to do with somene writing a song each day and it not entirely sucking.

“Paleo’s music, while proudly scruffy, is anything but throwaway. You could definitely put him in the “New Weird America” category — his stuff combines old-time and indie-folk with just a pinch of quasi-cryptic prose. It’s as if Bringing It All Back Home-era Bob Dylan hooked up with Joanna Newsom at some sketchy crash pad. You can listen to an entire year’s worth of recordings at”
Casey Rea-Hunter Sevendaysvt 4.04.07

Definitely check out his Daytrotter Session found here

Highly Recommend Paleos June 24th, 2006

Nudas Veritas:
I had the chance to see Nuda Veritas late one night at the Monkey after I got out of work. Paddy had been telling me I definitely had to check her out when given the chance. Beautiful emotional songs. Electro Acousitc Folk Multi Instrumentalist. Loops her guitar and has some nice effects.
Blind Mellon tatooed on her ass. Also organized and performed at the B(e) Mused event held at Battery Park late in the summer.

Marie Claire:
Most folks locally have probably caught Marie play in some incarnation, be it on her own or with another band. Marie was/ is a fixture at the Honkey Tonk Tuesdays at the Bean, toured with Mike Gordons Ramble Dove down to Bonnaroo, played on Deep Soda albums, Guitar in Fire The Cannons, and now her own solo project.


Friday, October 19: ( Julia Cerbones Birthday! )
Karl Blau (Anacortes, Washington)
Kamikaze Hearts (NY)
Hello Shark (VT)
@ The Monkey House, Winooski
$6 21+, $9 under age

Karl Blau:
Karl Blau

I have been listening to Karl a bit since I had heard he was coming. Before hearing of this show i regretfully had never heard of him.

Heres a blip on him:

Karl Blau, is a recording artist from Anacortes, WA. He has releases on both K Records and Marriage Records, and has also recorded with Mirah, Wolf Colonel, the Microphones, Little Wings. He is one third of the band D+(with Phil Elverum and Bret Lunsford), and more recently has been touring & recording with Laura Veirs.
2 years ago he started an “album-a-month club” called KELP! monthly. Subscribers receive records which have included–but will not be limited to–full length Karl Blau albums and artists he produces, field recordings, compilations of artists and ambient art records.

Hear more at

The Kamikaze Hearts:
The Kamikaze Hearts

The Kamikaze Hearts offer “upstate porch rock” – deftly crafted description tales in song, often with four part harmonies, acoustic guitar and bass, mandolin, banjo, and dobro. Based in Albany, NY, last year they released their fifth album, Oneida Road, on Collar City Records.

I was first introduced to their stuff thru the guys over at False45th
Had the chance to see them at Kriya Studios a few months back with Farm.
Solid solid event. Lightly attended, but maybe cause folks didnt’t know where Kriya was at the time.
The Monkey is going to be a much better fit for their sound as well as their audience.
To read up on that last shows review, a merging of both Dan Bolles of Sevendays and False45ths can be found here.

Hello Shark:
Hello Shark
Ive liked what I’ve heard of Hello Shark so far.
Hello Shark is is the fun-loving and very low-fi performing ensemble directed by Linc Halloran, who releases on the small label Grinding Tapes.
I believe they were on one of my favorite shows of the last few years with Phosphorescent, Viking Moses, and Castanets a few months back at Kriya Studios, but I unfortunatley showed up too late.
He releases and records these pieces with a bit of help from a slew of different friends.
2 of these friends with some tunes to listen to are Sean Hood and Shay Roselip

Im sure the posters are going to kick ass for both!

The newest piece by colin-patrick for the Horse Feathers show is great.
HoseFeathers Poster Monkey Bar

You’ll definitely see these up and about town in the next day or so.


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    Karl Blau’s the man. The man in pig tails, apparently. I’m so there.

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