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On top of that rambling last night. Nemo Bidstrup over at Time Lag Records has also opened a new Record Store. Nemo has been busting out amazing, crazy detail oriented vinyl for years. I first came across Time Lag when they issued the first 45 as well as Full Length EP for what was called the Ponys. The Portland Ponys, killed. Absolutely killed. Kicked it out the the SXSW fest, met the Chicago Ponys and quickly learned that band names are quickly forgotten, as they were newly named Phantom Buffalo. Phantom Buffalo finished out their last cross country trek at HG teaming up with The Danielson Family for a 2 night run between Portland and Burlington. Hopefully they’ll be back asap.


The store is located in downtown Portland on Congress Street. Directly above Strange Maine. If in town, scope out both stores.


Brendan, the man on the right happens to own Strange Maine and recently played a lovely set at the Skinny Pancake as part of Tick Tick event with Laura Gibson and Casey Dienel. His band recently released a self titled album titled Vistitations on Time Lag. Definitely try it out for size.

If anyone happens to stumble across here, and wants any wonder from the Time Lag archive, give a shout. I can most definitely bring back, or attempt to bring back anything that could potentially be available. Epic releases, with crazy detail.

Lastly, Time Lag!!!!! and Rivers Of!!!!!

Time Lag and Rivers Of, are hosting an amazing 2 day festival in Portland, Maine come early September.Performances will be taking place @ The Sound Post so definitely keep yer ears open. Here’s who will be performing

Jack Rose
Glenn Jones
Micah Blue Smaldone
R. Keenan Lawler
Fire On Fire (Threads, Cerberus Shoal, Big Blood)
Sean Smith
Adam Snider
Craig Ventresco (“Crumb” Soundtrack)
Matt Valentine
Christina Carter
Ilyas Ahmed
Mike Tamburo
Joshua Burkett
Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand of the Man, D. Charles Speer)
Eric Carbonara (Soft People)
Steve Gunn (GHQ, Magik Markers, Moongang)
zaimph (marcia bassett of ghq/double leopards/un/etc)
Nonloc (Bright)


Rivers Of is a new label that is based off of a Blog that is called “Grown So Ugly”

I have stumbled across releases I could have never come across anywhere else. It has opened me up to a whole new realm of music. Especially local Portland tunes.
Some faves include Micah Blue Smaldone releases, Glen Jones, Asian Mae, James Blackshaw, Plants with Greg Davis and even VT’s own Feathers. Definitely take the time to dig deep backinto the archived posts. Definitely worth the read and more than worth the listen if the posts are still live.

My favorite, Big Blood. A Portion of Fire on Fire. Married duo!



working on getting these folks to town come Nov!!!

Here’s the cut and paste info pertaining to the event.

One thing thats unfortunate is that it takes place during the Art Hop in Burlington, as well as the Osheaga Festival in Montreal.

“Rivers Of and Time-Lag Records are proud to present the Time of Rivers festival, a two-day gathering of some of today’s most talented and intriguing solo instrumentalists. Most of the artists gracing this fest focus on the guitar, respecting the tradition of the steel string while pushing boundaries and exploring possibilities not hitherto heard. While each artist sharing the stage varies stylistically from each other, expect acoustic guitar mastery from almost each and every one (though several acts do, in fact, feature vocalists), with the requisite curveballs thrown in for fortitude.

The significance of such a large gathering of top-tier contemporary players should not be lost on anyone paying attention to the modern musical landscape. Time of Rivers is an historic opportunity to witness firsthand this immense pool of talent… in concentrated form.
Time of Rivers will be taking place on Saturday, September 8 and Sunday, September 9 of 2007 in Portland, Maine, at both The Soundpost and One Longfellow. Both venues are located in downtown Portland, mere blocks apart, and feature good bars, restaurants, and used record stores nearby — including Enterprise Records and the new Time-Lag store. The Soundpost allows BYOB, while One Longfellow hosts a cash bar.
A weekend pass to all shows is $20, with separate tickets available for $5 for the afternoon set and $10 for each of the two evening sets. Tickets are currently available by emailing Time-Lag Records at sinewave23@aol.com or by visiting http://www.timeofriversfestival.com/ or timeofriversfestival@gmail.com You can also read more about the festival by visiting Time-Lag Records”

Probably a tad too much info. But, oh well.
If you are itching for a Time Lag release, or want to hang some posters for the event in Portland, definitely give a shout.




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    Hey Nick, How’s it going? Nice site — I’ll add it to my blogroll.

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    Very cool.

    Hopefully we keep it up!

    Hope DC Is treating you well man.

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    No shit… Great blog guys, i’m psyched that Time Lag have a shop now.

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