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I’m heading back to Portland, ME for the first time in quite a few months. Been living in burlington since 1999 and pretty much hit up Portland only around the holidays or there’s a dire need to see the family. Last time home was for my dads wedding a few months back. I think I have been to one persons wedding twice, and that was my pops. Good times all around. The latest was a small affair, probably 15 folks all said including the bride and the groom. I was honored to read a piece during the ceremony and everyone there had a blast.

Well, they’ve decided to let all those that weren’t in attendance join in for the fun of it all, and party this coming Saturday at the cove on Great Diamond Island.


From the time I was 1 til i was 18, we spent our summer months lounging on the decks, beaches, tree houses, hammocks, blades of grass, top floor wooden floor bedrooms of Gread Diamond Island in Casco Bay. I haven’t honestly been there to spend the night, in any capacity since I was 18. Going on a decade for me. Which is dark.

Regardless, going to Ptld, hitting up my bros new house. They just put on a super duper ridic deck that we’ll be BBq’ing on and then hitting the town. I’m incredibly curious to see the local phenomenon known as Grace Potter and The Nocturnals. We are having a summer show for Higher Ground as part of the Maritime Festival, featuring Grace and Co.BUT, due to the post wedding good times, I have to miss the home time crowd on the waterfront this Sunday. Most definitely a couple thousand folks looking to bringin chairs, not blankets, to the waterfront.

They, Grace and folks, are most definitely everywhere you look in Burlington as of late. Killing it for sales at Pure Pop, crazy sales for their show on the waterfront, secret CD release shows at Metronome, Leno, Good Morning America, Graig Ferguson, and even the super special 7 Days Feature Front Page Music Article.

I feel it’ll be nice to see them outside of the hometown buzz. Never seen it. Almost caught then in NYC 2 years ago when i visited my sis for her BDAY.

No go.

Always wondered what its like to see the local hometown hero(s) outside of the local hometown.


they are opening for the Black Crowes so there should most definitely be a solid crowd regardless.

But. I can’t say I honestly care too much to review the same thing thats getting mad amounts of press across every media outlet i could think of.

I like them.

Ill even call the guy I know who does sound, to come to our cook out. Probaby wont come.

But I think there could possibly be at least one other solid musical outing in the few days I’m home. Who knows if i’ll even have the opportunity to see something else. But I’m hoping i do.

Brian over at False45th was just in Portland, but wasn’t terribly into the tunes he caught at the Space Gallery. When we’re there, hopefully we have a better time.

Non mainstream tunes, but good tunes.

We’ll scope Grace and Co.

But the unadvertised, hand made street ad shows, are the shows that I think could be amazing.

One new spot in Portland I’ve never ever been to, is called the Sound Post.



Sunday the 19th they are having Micah Blue Smaldone who recently played The Monkey with Brown Bird a few months back. He’s sharing duties with Meg Baird who’ll be in Burlington supporting The Sea and Cake in the next few months.


A fine fine show. For those that had the lovely opportunity to catch Brown Bird at The Monkey or at Metronome, be sure to check out the free event at Battery Park in the next few weeks. Heres the info!

brown bird


August, 25 2007 at B(e) Mused
Battery Street Waterfront Park Bandshell, Burlington, Vermont 05401
Cost : Free

Four acts take the stage in a free concert: Eli Geller, keyboards; VJ Guarino on banjo and whatever band he scares up between now and then; Nuda Veritas; brownbird Music from 6PM-9


More to come on Portland come morning and throughout the afternoon I hope.


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